Around August & September every year, the receding banks of the Minneriya Lake create one of the most unique scenes you will ever see. A mass exodus of elephants creates the World famous ‘Minneriya Elephant Gathering’.

A sight to behold and a must-see if you happen to visit Sri Lanka! One of the most spectacular natural scenes you will ever see! The Elephant Gathering at Minneriya Nation Park is a sight to behold. During the dry season (July to September) water supplies reduce drastically in this region. To cope with this, the elephants congregate around the Minneriya reservoir where grasses are rich and fertile. The elephants come from areas beyond the reservoir and at times herds with numbers as large as 300 – 400 can be seen.

For any observer this is an incredible moment since this is not only a simple elephant migration. The animals here socialise, bathe, and even find mates. It is a unique phenomenon of nature and can only be witnessed in this park. In fact it is so amazing it was recently listed as the Top no. 6 in the Lonely Planets’ guide to wildlife spectacles of the world.