Sri Lanka is well organized to fight Coronavirus – English Tourist tells BBC

Sri Lanka is well organized to fight Coronavirus threat compared to Britain – English Tourist says to BBC

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An English tourist named Graeme Abbott stated that Sri Lanka is well prepared and organized to fight the Covid-19 threat compared to Britain. He said this in an interview to the BBC in one of their news broadcasts.

The tourist had flew to Sri Lanka 3 weeks ago and spent 2 weeks in Sri Lanka upon his arrival before Sri Lankan government decided to impose curfew island wide in order to curb the spread of Covid-19. He said that while on the flight to Sri Lanka, they were given a form to fill with their details and by the time they landed, the airport officials were up to date with their details. Further, the airport was equipped with machines to check body heat and also had to undergo various tests before they were allowed to leave the airport to their hotels, according to Graeme Abbott, the interviewee.

When the host of the news broadcast asked whom did he think was well prepared given he had experienced the systems in operation in 2 countries, he immediately and unhesitatingly replied that he thought Sri Lanka was much better prepared compared to Britain. He explained that officials and Staff in the airport in Sri Lanka were wearing their protective gears with masks and gloves on, while the staff in Heathrow Airport in London were just maintaining the required 1 meter distance and without wearing masks or gloves.d

Seen this on BBC News tonight- Words of a British tourist on how Sri Lanka was very well organised and structured to fight against COVID – 19 comparing to wealthy Britain. Hats off to his Excellency President and SL forces for their timely actions to abort / delay a major disaster 🇱🇰🙏

Posted by Damith Wijesinghe on Saturday, March 28, 2020


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