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Lunuganga estate is the brainchild of the late architect Geoffrey Bawa (23 July 1919 – 27 May 2003). This country home was his very first muse and his experimental laboratory; while remaining his go-to place for rest and relaxation as his fame increased throughout the years. Designed with the whimsical beauty and eccentric style typical of Bawa; the estate is filled with a number of art and artifacts from all over Asia and Europe. The 6.1 hectares (15 acres) property is located on the banks of the Dedduwa Lake in Bentota; not far from the beautiful beaches in that area, and just an hour or so away from Galle. The estate was named Lunuganga by Bawa, (it means Salt River in Sinhala: Loonu – Salt Ganga – River) for its closeness to a salty river.