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Gem & Jewellery Tours

Sri Lanka is a land of gem and is popular for sourcing the largest blue sapphires in the world, especially “Blue Belle of Asia” which was the most expensive Sapphire auctioned, and “Star of India” currently on display at the New York Museum of Natural History. Most gemstone mining industries are located on the southwest.

With our Gem tours you will be able to visit Rathnapura gem museum where the largest display of gem stones are show cased. Get a chance to see and buy cat’s eyes, aquamarines, tourmalines, alexandrite, spinel’s, amethyst, zircons, topaz, and many more. Purchases may be accompanied by official certificates issued by the government. This ensures you get authentic purchases. You can also find out how gems are carefully mined in Sri Lanka through this tour. As one of the biggest gem sourcing location worldwide, gemstones are extracted and shaped onsite. Learn and observe directly from jewelers and professionals who’ll be happy to give you basic education into the gem mining operations and will give guidelines into spotting authentic gems from fake one.


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