Sri Lanka is an island with a lot of waterfalls. There are more than 400 on the entire island. Some are made to take a bath; some are hidden inside forests and can be witnessed after a tough hike while others are more rugged and can be seen from a distance.

Here’s a list of the most stunning waterfalls in Sri Lanka.


A gigantic waterfall with three jaw-dropping parts very close to the A5 highway that connects Kandy and Nuwara-Eliya. The first part is on top inside a forest. A 100m hike will show the best view of this natural wonder. The second part of the Ramboda Waterfalls is very close to the road and the third part is below the road where both the second and third parts can be enjoyed taking a small break in Ramboda Pass.

ramboda waterfall sri lanka

The waterfall is 109 meters high and formed by Panna Oya which is a tributary of Kothmale Oya.


Ravana Falls is the biggest tourist attraction in famous Ella, a country town in the central highlands. This stunning waterfall is easy to see since it is located alongside the road. There are many other attractions like Mini Adam’s Peak and Ella Rock which are good for hikers and nature lovers. This waterfall was named after the mighty King Ravana. As per the legend Ramayana, it is believed that Seeta was kept in a cave behind the falls for few days before she was shifted to Seetha Eliya in Nuwara-Eliya.

Ravana Ella Waterfalls Sri Lanka

This waterfall is formed by Kirindi River and 25 meters in height.


This majestic fall is very close to Nuwara-Eliya to Avissawella highway and a must-stop spot. This beauty is also referred to as the ‘The Little Niagra of Sri Lanka’ by tourists and locals. This waterfall has beautiful from the mainline rail track close to Talawakelle. It falls down in two cascades and an inviting site for a bath because it is easily reachable by foot through a green tea shrubbery.

St. claire's waterfalls

This natural beauty is 80 meters in height and 50 meters wide. This waterfall is formed by Kotmale Oya which is a tributary of the longest river of Sri Lanka Mahaweli River.


Laxapana is one of the most important waterfalls in Sri Lanka. It is part of the energy-water plant of the same name. Laxapana is a misty wonder with a deep base natural pool to have a quite wonderful bath. The waterfall is easily accessible with a car only requires a small hike. The water is cooler than other places since it is located in central highlands.

Laxapana Falls

This place is believed to be the site that Buddha mended his saffron robe while visiting Sri Padaya. The waterfall is 126 meters in height making it the 8th tallest waterfall in Sri Lanka.


Diyaluma Waterfall is popular among tourists for its stunning natural pool located at the top of the falls which gives an amazing view. This is the second-highest waterfall in Sri Lanka with 220 meters tall next to 263-meter tall Bambarakanda Falls. This lanky “Diyaluma” waterfall originates from Punagala Oya which is tributary of Kelani River and pours its way down and flows towards Kirindi Oya underneath a bridge on the highway from Beragala to Wellawaya.

diyaluma waterfalls

With an appearance and location which often makes people believe that it is the highest waterfall in the isle.


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