Ratnapura, colloquially known as the “City of Gems,” is a gemstone haven in Sri Lanka, and the presence of Katugas Ella Falls adds an enchanting touch to its gem mining landscape. Surrounded by verdant hills, Ratnapura’s gem mines are a focal point for those seeking precious stones, particularly sapphires, rubies, and other colorful gems. The mines, often family-operated, dot the region, and miners meticulously sift through gravel and soil in search of these valuable treasures. The gem mining process is a blend of tradition and modern techniques, with the cascading waters of Katugas Ella Falls providing a soothing backdrop to the arduous yet rewarding work. Against this scenic setting, the gem mines of Ratnapura continue to be a source of fascination, drawing gem enthusiasts, traders, and curious visitors into the heart of Sri Lanka’s gem-rich soil.

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