Tour Mahiyangana



Mahiyangana is located at a distance of 194km away from Colombo. Mahiyangana can be reached by the Colombo – Kandy A1 main motor road and continuing along the Kandy – Mahiyangana A26 main motor road. Mahiyangana is not connected by a Railway line. Sri Lanka’s longest river Mahaweli flows through Mahiyangana, of which the climate is determined by the north east monsoon of the island. In the mid-20th century Mahaweli River irrigation projects provided farmlands for the inhabitants of Mahiyangana. Today, the landscape of Mahiyangana features Savannah like grasslands beyond the paddy cultivation. The Mahiyangana Stupa is the most prominent cultural attraction in Mahiyangana. The Mahiyangana region, a vast plain with the Mahaweli River running through, provides access to several National Parks, Bird Sanctuaries and aborigine lands. Sorabora Wewa Reservoir, Dambana, Ulhitiya Wewa Reservoir, Minipe Reservoir, Randenigala Reservoir, 18 bends, Maduruoya Wildlife Park, Wasgomuwa Wildlife Park are some of the major attractions of Mahiyangana.