This city is a gem. a UNESCO heritage site. Galle is a delight to explore by foot. when wandering it’s rambling leaves you will will pass stylish cafes beautifully restored hotels quirky boutiques. An English li exotic old trading port filled with Dutch colonial buildings ancient mosques and churches, Grand mentions and museums for a treat to your eyes.
most travelers utterly seduced by Galle’s beauty. the Dutch fort built in the beginning of 1663 he is Galle’s core. the best part about the fort is in just a pretty place. the walls of the fort are surrounded on the three sides by the ocean and the working community of Galle adds more beauty to the city with administrative offices, courts and schools.


Flag Rock
Dutch Reformed Church
Old Gate
Dutch Hospital
Galle Fort
Galle Lighthouse
Unawatuma Beach
Jungle Beach
National Museum of Galle
Sea Turtle Hatchery
Archaeology Museum
Rumassala Sanctuary