“What is the best time to visit Sri Lanka?”

This is the most common question asked by our guests when they plan out a tour to Sri Lanka. Do you know that Sri Lanka is a all year destination? It has very comfortable temperatures all around the year. Her Sun is always out & shining. Showers occur occasionally but however they are not always predictable. The south west coast & the hill are best experienced during December to April. The weather in May to September is best for North & East. Usually during October & November can feature a good all-country weather, but the central highlands can sometimes experience some passing clouds.


January to March

The best time to experience the central hills is the beginning of the year. The south west region is also good to experience since its sunny & dry climate with calm & wide beaches. Several cultural activities of interest take place in this time, including the most popular ‘Galle Literary Festival’. This period is also very popular among the pilgrims & the travelers who would love to climb Adam’s Peak – a true cultural rite of passage. Dolphin & Whale Watching can also fill the bucket-list during this period of time. One of the major attractions in the central hills – The Hot Air Ballooning can also be experienced during this period. It actually has a timeline from November to May because of its clear skyline.



The south west monsoon starts in April. The south coast can occasionally be hit with bad weather, but still a great place to travel in. The best choice during this month is to travel the east coast and its untouched beaches instead! Visiting the cultural triangle or heading to North could also be a good choice. The Sinhalese & Tamil New Year is celebrated in 14th of April every year.


May & June

During May & June the central hills are cooler due to occasional raining. But this period brings humidity & heat to the south. The North & East remain pleasant during these months just like April. The most celebrated event in the country The Vesak – is celebrated in May. It commemorates the Birth, Enlightenment & the death of Lord Buddha.


July to August

Weather is ideal during this period in many places of the island. Exploring cultural sites, Wildlife & the beaches can be experienced together. There are many eventful things to do in Sri Lanka during this time period. Even the weather in North & East are pleasant during this period. These months are usually busy & occupied. So, planning ahead will ensure a pleasant experience you want. The great Esela Perahera happens in this period which is not something to miss.


October & November

Squeezed in between monsoons, October & November are somewhat unpredictable but can bring some all-country weather.


The North & East begin to experience some rain during December. It is but one of the best & the most popular time to visit the southern coast. Christmas is one of the most celebrated events in the country. Specially the entire city of Colombo will be decorated for Christmas & it’s a pleasant sight to see.