Being Sri Lankan!

Being Sri Lankan for us means having to taste the varieties of sweet & savories, specially ‘Kawum & Kokis’ during Sinhala & Tamil New Year in April. Having our breath taken away when Vesak comes around and the whole city come alive. We eagerly wait for December to roam around Colombo to witness the magnificent Christmas decorations around the city, specially in 5-star hotels & shopping malls. It is a must-do for us at the end of the year to tour around the city in a scooter and experience a completely different Colombo. During Ramadan, it is the smell of Biriyani and the taste of mouth-watering Watalappam.


For us being Sri Lankan means blessing our multi-ethnic society when a long weekend comes around. A double blessing is when we find two in a month. For us being Sri Lankan means shouting the hell out when our cricketing heroes make us proud at international levels. When we win an international trophy, the entire nation will know how it is to be a Sri Lankan. We can see youngsters carry the national flag & blasting firecrackers everywhere to celebrate our nation’s victory.
Being Sri Lankan to us means tasting the salivating Achcharu when we pass the ‘Red Mosque’ in Pettah. The mosques calling for prayers broadcasted on their speakers mingled with the chanting of nearby temples. Taking a selfie with the Elephant when we pass the Gangaramaya Temple. And that thrilling feeling when a random Hollywood movie mentions Sri Lanka and rewinding to see the clip again and again. For us being Sri Lankan means repeating trips every year to Kandy, Nuwaraeliya or Down South just to blend with nature. When we go abroad thrilled to see someone talking in Sinhala and immediately talking to them without any hesitation. Sighing at the foreigner who thought you are an Indian.
For us being Sri Lankan means these little things. This is what Sri Lanka is for us. It is in diversity, we find unity. It is in Unity; we find our strength!

we find unity. It is in Unity; we find our strength!