According to Airbnb. These are the biggest Travel Trends of 2020!

International lodging giant Airbnb has looked into several factors and come up with a few travel predictions for 2020. And the accommodation website’s biggest prediction is everyone is going small this year.

Have you heard about the phrase ‘Experiences over things’? This has been a trend for several years now and recently it has been rising rapidly. Airbnb is predicting that a BIG number of travelers will traveling SMALL in 2020. “From micro-cations to tiny home trends (think: shepherd huts and igloos), travelers are looking to maximize their travels while also minimizing their impact,” the company explained in a statement.

According to the survey 52% of Americans would like to spend their money in taking weekend trips than to spend on an international vacation. Travelers responding to the survey additionally stated that they continue to carve a taste of minimalist life style.

Here are the few other trends predicted by Airbnb in 2020.

Travelers will spend more on experiences than things!

Some tourists enjoying bullock cart ride in Sri Lanka.

As per this recent survey 57% of Americans are more likely to spend less on a massive rental and more on shared activities and this is thoroughly going with ‘experiences over things’ statement.

Travelers will spend more time outdoor!

A tourist trekking through the vintage railway track in Ella, Sri Lanka.

Travelers who took the survey also stated that they are more interested to connect with nature than to stay indoors on their vacations. Airbnb also explained “Nature” is a top trending experience category with 103% growth year over year. Airbnb agrees that when people say they want to get out they really mean it because Igloos and Campsites are some of the top trends for 2020.

Travelers will seek for more history centered trips!

The Heritage Hotel, Galle.

Airbnb survey explains that 32% of Americans would like to learn about history and culture around the world in 2020. Homes listed with specific history keywords have already been booked in Airbnb for 50,000 times.


Travelers want to take clean and food focused trips!

Mouthwatering Sri Lankan Cuisine served in Nuwara-Eliya.

Mostly everyone wants to be vegan in 2020, at least while travelling. According to Airbnb experiences with Vegan options have been chosen more times by travelers than with usual options. Culinary travel remains popular since most of the participants to the survey state that they mostly want to enjoy time in food experiences while on vacation.